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Weekend Update - Bayou City Art Festival and Xenosaga

So what did I do this weekend? Well the above pretty well sums it up. Saturday it was rainy so I spent most of the day playing Xenosaga for the PS2.
Xenosaga is a very nice game, beautiful cinematics, turn-based combat, nice story, and some really fun mini-games.
A very nice thing about my apartment is the TV is in a entertainment cubby right next to the door and behind it is a big window, so I can open the door and pull up the blinds and play on my PS2 while enjoying sights and sounds of the outside. I have like a great view of the pool and the beautiful landscape around it. If you live in Houston and watch the sci-fi channel or some other cable channels you might have seen the pool and garden area on the Walden village advertisements. It's absolutely gorgeous, and one of the main reasons I love my current apartment. So I did this most of Saturday and also did laundry and assorted household chores.

Went and had dinner at La Madeline and Ice cream at Marble Slab with my friend Rilee so he could tell me about his new job and misc. stuff. Rilee is like the Kramer/George Costanza of my life, he changes jobs/gets fired about every 3 or 4 months. Mostly waiter, but he also takes these odd jobs. He spent last week selling steaks door to door. I tried to talk him into looking into some of the porn offers in the Houston Press, but no go. Mostly I try to get him to take administrative assistant, high-class waiting jobs, or tech support jobs where he really has to screw up to be fired. His new job is selling promotional items to small businesses. He always gets super excited over the new job that he's doing. He would have done great in advertising or car sales. He's a fun guy in little doses but I'd kill him in a week if I had to be his roommate.

I tried to get somebody to go with me to the Bayou City Art Festival on Sunday but wound up going by myself. It was a beautiful day, absolutely stunning. They had some super beautiful art to just crap there, but most of the stuff was very professional with the artist selling in his little booth. I saw some truly stunning stuff, especially some silk-screened sconce lighting made to look like butterflies that went for 2 grand each. I'm glad I don't have a big house to decorate or I might have ended up spending tons of money. Luckily paying 2 grand worth of bills that morning left me feeling thrifty, most of it stemming from rent and my new HP Printer/Scanner/Copier. That and the fact that me and my sister have enough paintings to open our own booth sometime. Looking at all that art made me want to pick up the brushes again and do some canvas work.

I need to do something for my bathroom, in something that can take the moisture. Maybe an acrylic painting on clay, metal or wood of fish or a celtic knot done of seaweed, although that would be hard for me to pull off something I like on the first attempt.

I'm still working on the stupid computer to get it to run better. If you've noticed I'm not online much that's why. I think the latest 'patch' from Microsoft for Explorer introduced a memory leak or something, my performance has really take an hit recently and I can't seen to find the problem. The software that came with the new printer has all been uninstalled and it's still there. I'm still trying to run scandisk and defrag but to no avail as I get the message that something is writing to the disk even after I 'end task' everything running but Explorer. I may have to reinstall Windows ME or spring for Windows XP.
I also have to buy a copy of TurboTax and get some compressed air to clean out my keyboards at home and work, so a trip back to Best Buy is probably on the agenda for today. Star Wars Galaxies is delayed with no new release date (right after I turned in Devil May Cry 2 for $30 dollars credit and put it towards the pre-order, the bastards!) so I signed up for that Beta and the EVE Beta but I have little hope of getting in either. I plan to also put in for the Planetside beta too. Looks like I won't be playing any online games anytime soon.

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