Juan (mcclintock) wrote,


Job search -
E&J Gallo didn't select me for an interview, which pisses me off as I've been to all their shit since I was a first year and chatted up all the recruiters. It would be difficult for me to show more interest in them than I have short of setting up some sort of pep rally. So grr. I've decided just to e-mail the lady I had lunch with and ask her to keep me in mind, but it still kinda pisses me off. I've dropped for about 5 interviews and have been passed over about 3 times with the other stuff in limbo, so I may have to get my resume re-looked at for effectiveness.

Misc - My organizational skills still suck. I can't find some of my accounting packet, so I don't have a case or two. I can't find the bloody battery charger for my digital camera. I did find the wire to link it to the computer today, so yay progress.

I'm still slightly homesick/nostalgic about my hometown. Seeing it all post-apocoliptic like was surreal and made me realize how much I care about the place even though I havent' been there regularly in forever. It's still my hometown where I grew up.
I'm glad La Suprema, my favorite mexican restaurant there, made it through ok.
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