Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

The Core

So yesterday I strolled into the break room around quitting time and found a free pass for two to see a sneak preview of The Core at the theatre down the street. (Edwards on Wesleyan). So I called up Brett and he got the rubber stamp of 'OK' from his wife and we went and saw the movie at 7:30. They had some rows roped off for the media and it fooled us on how many seats were available so we ended up at the top having to sit on the last seat of two different rows.

So the movie was good, Hillary Swank is a hottie, especially in a uniform. Plot was OK, and characters and special effects were good. Not too shabby, so it gets a thumbs up from me.

I missed Buffy though as I hadn't set the VCR becuase I thought I'd be home. Oh well, maybe Rilee taped it.

The computer is now spy-ware free, scandisked, and defraged and performance is better.
I'll try reinstalling the scanner software Thursday night and see if I can scan something without killing the computer.

Tonight is Bluebase at the Mucky Duck! Yea!

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