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The Week in Review

First off, I had a long post typed last night and my laptop ran out of power and I lost it. Nothing sucks as bad a when that happens.

So last weekend I was in Washington DC hanging out with other NPS Consultants and listening to reasons some of our plans had gotten hung up in red tape and other beaurucratic stuff.
Typical weekend for that crew I imagine. As I mentioned in my phone post below, the first few days the weather was cold, rainy, crappy, and generally crappy some more. Luckily, the sun broke out on Sunday and I got to tour the Mall. I saw the Lincoln memorial, the Washington monument, Smithonian stuff like an original Kermit the Frog, Dorthy's Ruby slippers, M. Ali's Boxing gloves, Archie Bunker's chair, and the Hope Diamond. (Shiny!)
The absolutely gorgeous WWII memorial that made me shed a few tears as there we old vets dressed in their VFW gear and flowers and little signs from people all around the country.

On Monday I presented to the Freescale's (a major chip manufacturer for cell phones, used to be a division of Motorola) Director of Strategic Marketing on the Game Console Market. That presentation went well, but it lasted so long I wasn't able to go play in the finals at the Poker game at Mother Egan's.

Tuesday, I had an interview with Thomson (who makes the Physician's Desk Reference and has databases like Westlaw) and rocked out on a behavioral interview, the first one I did well in I think.
The rest of the day I scrambled to finish a paper due Wednesday and the two presentations I had.

I also meet with my Alamo Apprentice team.
Alamo Apprentice is where we have two teams of about 8 folks, and each team plans and runs an actual event at the Alamo Drafthouse downtown. We have an $800 budget, and whichever team's event makes the most money wins. It's cool case I get to hang with The Donald (Tim League, the founder of the Drafthouse) and gain some wisdom that way.
As one of my goals in perhaps opening a franshise of the Drafthouse I thought this would be cool,and it is. I am the old fart of the team (since it's really an undergrad competition that I joined).
Since they are also filiming it to be played a bit I may try to add some drama by staging a coup and becoming the new Project Manager as they are trying to encourage as much unethical behaviour as possible.

Wednesday we had a presentation in Global Marketing on Leapfrog Technologies that went well and then another more technical one in Mkt analysis on conjoint analysis on a hotel industry case.
Both presentations went well. By that time I was pretty wiped at the end of the day..

Yesterday I met with my academic advisior regarding my specilizations (Management - International Business, and Marketing - Customer Insight) and found out that there's no real certification process, so I just take the classes they list and put it on my resume. Always good to double check these things.

I also saw Magnificent Desolation: IMAX Moon in 3D. Holy shit was this movie cool! It was like being on the moon totally. Plus nobody makes a good narrator and a moving movie like Tom Hanks. (I should go see if Play-Tone or whatever is hiring). The bit where they interviewed kids at the beginning was just awesome. If there was a History Nobel Prize, Tom Hanks should get one for teaching people more about WWII and the Apollo program than any text book through his work.

Today I have a Halloween party with the Single Volunteers of Austin.

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