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I am a leaf on the wind bitch.

I feel like I've accomplished very little this week. Projects are piling up, with little resolution. ah well, such is the way of the unmotiviated. I'm sure at some point I'll stress out, buy a big Starbucks coffee, and go to town.

I've made a small mental game that I must ask one girl out every day, be it online or in person. So far I think I've managed to do it for about a week online anyway. Any of you LJ Texan single hotties wanna go out? (Today - Check!) I emailed a cool chick from craigslist even, we'll see if I get a response.

I need to get a flu and whooping cough vaccine immunization so I don't get sicky.

One of the companies recruiting here apparently screwed up their posting and couldn't figure out the online system.
Should I send them an email inquiring about a job, or should I not want to work for a company that can't even recruit properly?

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