Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Doc and books

Saw the doctor on Wednesday for a few things. Sore throat - got antibiotics, and I also got meds for my depression - Lexapro. It was reasonable too, only $78 for a month. I was scared because I had heard it those types of medicines cost a few hundred dollars without insurance. Hehe. I had anxiety about the cost of my anxiety medicine. I was pissed at the pharmacy because they made me wait like an hour, apparently because the lady calling out names for people who's perscriptions were ready was very soft spoken, and I couldn't hear her over the noise. I mean use the PA or something.

I even managed to read a bit the other day. I read the next Merry Gentry book, something something oh wait, Carressed by Moonlight. Not too bad. First half sex sex sex, weird powers, sex, weird powers, more sex, then the second half is like intrigue, intrigue, battle, intrigue, magic duel, massacre.
I also picked up a bible looking book about picking up women, kinda The Rules, but not. I had it in my hand while I was looking at other books, and I set it on the bookcase to flip through one of the other books I got, The Long Way Round, by Ewen Macgreggor (Obi-wan) about his motorcycle trip around the world, and this nerdy guy comes up to me and says, 'Is that your book?' and I say yeah and he's all like you gonna check that out, and I say, yes it's mine and then he's like I would like to read it, and I'm like no, it's mine and then he just hangs around me a bit hoping I put it down again so he can snatch it I suppose, but I go and check it out. Kinda creepy.
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