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The Road
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2003-03-30 09:09
Subject: (no subject)
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Music:Bach - Toccata and Fugue (Fant
Wedding reception report -
Ok, very strange evening. We started out badly as we got there on time from what the invitation said, which is apparently
a Vietnamese faux pas as nobody else was there. We were the first ones. I've seen never seen a more scripted and directed reception.
It was like we were doing a movie 'The Reception Must Go Correctly!!' The place was very fancy. So we waited a few hours for everybody to
show up while the important people took pictures. Then the food, which was expensive but not too good. The steak was mooing.

(okay aside here -
this reminded me of a story my Papa (grandpa on my dad's side) tells like 5 times if we ever eat steak on how he went to a steakhouse and
they ordered and a couple came in like 10 minutes after and ordered and a few minutes later they got their steak. My Papa, being the suave man he is,
bitched to the waiter how come they got in after us and were served first, to which the waiter replied "Well they just asked for their steaks to be seared
on both sides and then bring them bloody." So that steak must have been like the one we got because it was at the state before 'rare.)

Rareist steak EVAR. I never knew you could turn shrimp into a paste and inject it into an egg roll and then fry it to get that texture.
I also poured what I thought was champagne to discover it was Cognac. Like run your car, numbs the tounge, burns all the way down
to your small intestine, very good Cognac. I was glad we didn't have candles on the table or the Cognac fumes would have ignited.
You could get drunk from the fumes off this stuff, that's how strong it was.

So I suffer through all this thinking as some point I may get to dance with Quon?, who was seated next to me and kinda cute. But no, they
find my weakpoint!

Bad Karoke! Horrible off-key Vietnamese singing! Ear-bleeding vocals. Imagine the worst Karoke singers and then give them an unitelligible accent
and crank the volume up and you get the picture.

So I had to leave without getting to mack on anybody.

I had some fun anyway with all that though.
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Nessyen: valentinohand
User: makewayforme
Date: 2003-03-30 13:58 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Receptions gone bad... one more reason I will get married in Las Vegas.

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User: parc
Date: 2003-03-30 19:57 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
It's not that the reception was BAD, so much. The cognac was incredibly strong. I saw more than a few people mix it with Coke. Whatever. I toasted with the white wine, which was excellent. The cognac didn't suck either, it was just strong enough to strip paint.

And the food wasn't that bad:
1) ____ soup: something with crab and white asparagus in a broth. Personally, I think they were sscallops, but that's me.
2) seafood delight: Crab, squid, shrimp, chinese cabbage, onion, and a couple other things I don't know in a spicy viniger sauce. Pretty hot, but not too bad for me.
3) Shrimp paste egg roll: ground up shrimp rolled in a egg roll wrapper and fried. Served with a (I think) Orange sauce. VERY</I nummy. 4) Tan Nom (or whatever the fscking place was) steak. Rare steak (mine wasn't as rare as his) with a soy sauce. 5) Fried Rice (pork, ham, and shrimp). Usual. I made it interesting by eating it with chopsticks. Heh. 6) Fruit tray. I didn't get to see this, as I was taking pictures of the bride/groom. The Karaoke was excruciating. It was also the LOADEST Karaoke I've ever heard. Sorry you counldn't mack. Bummer.
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