Juan (mcclintock) wrote,


Yes, I'm not dead or egg nogged out of my mind.

I had a pleasant Christmas down in the Nederland area, aside from Christmas eve night at the storm-damaged holiday inn with no carpet and hoodlems that pulled the fire alarm a midnight and had to be arrested and make alot of noise in the hall and cause me to have to buy earplugs for the next night and make me write this long run-on sentenence. Oh and also... 'Holiday Inn is not responsible for the maligniant actions of guests apart from getting them escorted out of the building.' so no discount.

I got books, and a RC truck to share with Lance, and a cool hoodie, and some moneies.

On the way back we went to Galveston beach, and NASA, and Taste of Texas for some yummy steaks!

Ah. good times. mmmmmmmmmmmmm steak.

I'm here at home chilling and playing Dragon Quest VIII resucing the cursed king from the evil jester. Life is good.

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