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Went shopping today and bought a $60 cotton king sized blanket for $10 bucks on sale at Linens and Things near Lakeline mall. I think the price was probably wrong, but I'm not going to argue. Great deal.

Helped Neal do a bit of wiring in the house today. I'm all itchy from insulation, and I didn't even go that far up in the attic. He was crawling around in the stuff in teeny tiny crawl spaces. He much be itching like mad.

Tomorrow is the last qualifing round for the Poker finals at Mother Egan's so I thought I'd try my luck.

Lynn, my sister's friend, was visiting for the weekend, and yesterday we went and ate at Spagetti Warehouse after her swanky chosen dinner place wouldn't let us in with our toddler.
It was pretty good.

I watched a bit of the Steelers vs. Colts game today as well.

I also watched Lost. Wow! That was a great episode that left me teary eyed at the back story. Very good writing there. More spooky black smoke monster. WTF is up there?

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