Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

You Can Bend My Ear, You Can Talk All Day

.. just make sure I'm around when you finally got something to say.

Yeah, I'm aware my journal has been kinda thin on content lately. Not much going on but school and not much exciting to report there.

I did get to game last weekend with my friend Eric who came up for the Saturday from Houston. I had a great time, plus most of the rpg.net crowd that
gathered there have their name in the credits in some book or other.

We played the morning session at a really bad Serenity adventure that was made up seemingly on the cuff by a crappy GM, who insisted on railroading us along
his 'plot' without any motivation at several times. So it turned into more of a Spaceballs type of game as we just had to joke our way through it, as it was so bad.
Like a bad movie, with MST3K.

The party started off on the run from the govenor of a planet cause the various members of the crew had
a) slept with his daughter
b) slept with his wife
and c) stolen his horse.

Needless to say, the horse became the star of the adventures. In order of our excuses for what we were doing
we had to a) commandeer a ship to take the gov's horse to an off-world vet for a medical emergency
b) hold the horse for ransom so they wouldn't shoot us
c) ride the horse through the airlock when the medical ship docked with us to lead the charge
d) hide the stolen plans in the horse

Luckily the day was made in the second game, where we played Call of Culthulu in the Hellboy universe with one of the guys who was writing a Hellboy Sourcebook as DM.
Needless to say, he rocked as a DM and we had a blast. I played Hellboy! I got mocked early on when the old 'Right Hand Of DOOM!' did puny damage to the first big monster and everybody else could then say 'Well I did more than THE RIGHT HAND OF DOOM.' Until the end of the scenario when I punched the big bad with the Hand of Doom and did maximum damage, killing him in one mighty blow. * (ok, he did take a little damage earlier)

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