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We took a day trip to Llano today to eat real old timey pit BBQ and man was it tasty. Well worth the hour drive for some of the best ribs and chicken I've ever had. Then we toured around main street and the antique shops a bit, and I took Annette to the shooting range to play bang bang with my .357. Good times. A beautiful day as well to drive around the countryside.

I've never been a big V-day fan, even when I had a gf, but I've never been much of a bah humbug type or bothered either when I didn't have one and the day came round. For some reason, the older I get, the more being single starts to suck, like I feel like I'm losing ground on this gigantic timed marathon or something.

I applied for some jobs this weekend as well, doing the college career search.

Olympic opening ceremonies were more American than the American opening ceremonies in Salt Lake. Disco and Pop music in the parade, Imagine by John Lennon. Kinda funny. NBC has crappy coverage sometimes, but the opening montage about the history of Torino and some of our hopefuls was just beautiful.

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