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Fugue State

So today everything has been blah. I ended up taking a bath and reading a few chapters of Niven's Saturn's Race. I didn't finish it, nor the other book I read a few chapters on. I haven't been in a reading mood lately, and that's unlike me.

My company seems to be stabilizing, which I don't know is good or bad. Blah.

My art project is stalled by my need for sandpaper since the primer I used came out really poorly and now there's drop marks and wavy places and thin places somewhere. I need to sand it all down to even it out and put another two coats of primer on the two pieces before I can even start to paint on them. I found a nice celtic seahorse design that will go on the small one and I still plan a seaweed celtic knot for the other.

I ordered a new graphics card today. I got the same one KageNeko got because she works with computers and games and probably knows more than I do about what's good. Now all I need is some more RAM and I can sign up for the Planetside beta.

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