Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Pics from South Africa

Woot! I think I'm getting the hangy of the scrapbook thingy. Below are my pics, about 23 ish or so.

Steel Lillies - Craft Mart Steel Lillies - Craft Mart

Dinner Entertainment Dinner Entertainment

J'berg from Aparteid Museum J'berg from Aparteid Museum


Johannesburg Stock Exchange Johannesburg Stock Exchange

J'berg Stock Exchange
Drum Cafe Drum Cafe

Dinner Entertainment 2 Dinner Entertainment 2

Mandela Bridge Mandela Bridge

Paid for by N. Mandela to unite city
Drum Cafe Entrance Drum Cafe Entrance

Gold Reef Amusement park Gold Reef Amusement park

Dinner entertainment 3 Dinner entertainment 3

JSE walkway JSE walkway

JSE Board JSE Board

Apartheid Museum Apartheid Museum

JSE Outside JSE Outside

SA Airline SA Airline

Flute - Craft Mart Flute - Craft Mart

Craft Mart - Jorge buddy Craft Mart - Jorge buddy

Jberg urban Jberg urban

Jberg urban with Me Jberg urban with Me

African Dinner African Dinner

Aparteid Museum sign Aparteid Museum sign

Sleepy Sleepy

Lillies Lillies

Face Paint Face Paint

Wine Wine

Nelson Mandela Square Nelson Mandela Square

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