December 16th, 2002


Transco Tower

Today some nutcase climbed the Transco Tower (now called the Williams Tower, but nobody here in Houston calls it that.) I thought it was just a cheap stunt, and I heard about it on the radio on the way in since the Mix DJ could see them from their studio. I heard a bit after arriving that the person fell from the 30th floor and died, making it a very sad story instead of humourous nutcase spider-man story.

You can see the tower in my picture in the background. It is the major landmark of my city for me, and when I see it I always know I am close to home. It is a thing of majestic beauty, jutting gracefully skyward out of the Galleria area. A lone dark elegant tower with a shining beacon of light. For some reason the building resonates with the glory of the modern age and the warmth of home. It is sad that I found out the name of the architect in the story today. The Williams Tower, a Houston landmark formerly known as the Transco Tower, is 64 stories high. The glass and steel tower was designed by the famous architect Philip Johnson and built in 1983. It is the largest free standing skyscraper outside of a central business district in the United States. God bless you Philip Johnson, where ever you are for your beautiful building.

Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers

I'll be attending this at midnight tommorrow with Brett and Alma. I'm seriously considering donning my wizard costume which lead to a strange discussion with Brett over whether they might let people with a wizard staff in, since it's a pretty big stick to just lay on the theatre floor. People might trip over it. I'll give it some more thought, but it would be funny to see a staff check room or staff rack.

I also found out about a Livejournal meet at Freebirds tommorrow. I'll probably go. I mean part of the reason I started this was I was feeling isolated, so I might as well meet people when I get the chance. Right?

Glenn Quinn, sad news

Glenn Quinn, 32, an actor best known for his recurring role on the on Angel, was found dead Dec. 3 in Los Angeles. Authorities attributed his death to a possible drug overdose pending completion of medical tests.

Rest in Peace Doyle. May you find the peace in the afterlife that eluded you in life.

In other news: Don't use drugs. Drugs = bad
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