December 19th, 2002


Shaun's Rocking New Year's Eve

Got the reservations and Eric, Brett and Alma to join me so I have the four people needed for the family style meal. We're gonna party on my dime! Champagne, party favors, a live band, the works!

Good end to a busy work day

I'm in a great mood at the moment. Before I left the office today, my supervisor informed me that I got a promotion. Woo hoo! I knew I had been recommended, but rumors had it that there wouldn't be any promotions this year because of "budgetary concerns." I'm very happy that the rumors were untrue. I'll save the celebration until the payroll updates are input into the symstem in Jan.

After work, I went to pick up my bride's maid dress for Lynn's wedding. It's a sleeveless lavender dress that flatters almost any figure, mine included. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to lose a few pounds before the March wedding rolls around.

Tonight, Neal and I have to write Christmas cards. (I know we're a bit late getting them out, but what the hell. It's the thought that counts right.) I'll leave the cards in Neal's capable hands to mail since I'll be heading out of town tomorrow afternoon. I'm making an early holiday visit with my dad since we'll be having Christmas with my mom and other family in Austin this year. I have to bring down the Christmas gifts early. Lynn will be visiting her family this weekend too, so we should have a chance to hook up and exchange Christmas gifts early. It should be a nice weekend! - Amber
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