January 29th, 2003


Happy Thoughts

Happy puppies
romp in green fields
chasing tennis balls
and bringing them back
for pats on the head
Everything's shiny
Sunny and warm
puppies are cute
as they bark and scamper

TV tonight - Angel and Celeb Mole

Ok, tonight was one of the better nights of TV in a while.

Angel was such a mind-screw tonight, I loved it. Most of the episode went on in his head, but it all made perfect sense at the end. That's why I watch Whedon shows. They have action, good dialogue, and great plot. They have a bit of trouble keeping the characters consistent, but what they hey. One of the best episodes I've seen in awhile.

Celeb Mole - I would so suck at this show, I totally though Boatman was the Mole and he got eliminated today. Which of the two women is the Mole? I'm like Eric, I'm totally clueless.