February 26th, 2003


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Man is it cold.
The heater is on so I'll be warm soon.

I saw George Strait at the new Reliant Stadium yesterday and didn't get home until aroun 2am so I'm kinda bushed today. Thank god for caffeine.
The new stadium is actually pretty nice. The buses to the stadium and back still sucked, and they were just as slow as last year.
Especially the standing out in the cold and drizzle part of waiting.

I bought a new black leather vest, my big ticked wardrobe purchase for this year for me.
I petted a bunny, ate free meat samples, and did some gawking at all the animals at the Livestock show.
I'm going back the last weekend with my college friends, so I should have a good time on the second trip as well.

There was no fencing at Rice Monday. I found Brett and Alma but we never did find the fencing club. They weren't where they regularly practice and they didn't know
if there was a change of schedule or venue, but we went and ate at Katz Deli instead. Definately not the way for me to exercise and loose weight.
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