March 13th, 2003


Rant - 11 Herbs and Spices

Ok people. Cilantro is a herb used for seasoning a dish, not a main ingredient. The Taquito place across the hightway uses it in place of lettuce, and they pile it in there. I got the Mexican eggrolls at Cheescake factory and there was so much in there it should have been listed as an ingredient in the description. It wasn't. That's the reason I ordered the dang things instead of the Avacado rolls which did list Cilantro as an ingredient. I can only imagine how much of it they put in there. And Mint too!
Some of the Asian and Viet places around here put fresh mint in their dishes and spring rolls. It's so overpowering if you get a bite with mint in it that's all you can taste for that and the next 2 minutes. Herbs and spices are suppossed to compliment the dish, not totally overpower it. It would seem like a pretty simple concept to grasp.

Luckily some people do. Sinh Sinh, the Viet place on Bellaire near Beltway 8 gives Cilantro to you with their Imperial Rolls, but with the lettuce wraps so you can include it or not, not inside the rolls and fried. Thank goodness, as those Imperial Rolls are mighty tasty and have become a major component of my diet along with their Walnut Chicken dish.

At this point I'm pretty burnt out on Cilantro.

But for every rule there is an exception. I love Capers. Heap on on baby. Mazziano's on Post Oak has a excellent Chicken Picatta that has buckets of capers in lemon butter sauce with the chicken. Super yummy.