March 14th, 2003


Happy Pi Day!

So today is Pi day. 03/14/03

So they had ham on sale a few days ago, and I bought a big spiral cut ham for cheap, and I've been eating on it for a while. I've frozen most of it for later but I still have tons of ham left. It just reminds me not to buy in bulk for just little ole me.
Why I felt like sharing that I don't know.

Weather permitting it looks like I will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Austin listening to the Austin celtic scene. Some Ed Miller and a bit of Two O'Clock Courage. Not a bad way to take a couple of days off.

I also found out AggieCon is next weekend and will feature Virigina Hey and Lani Tupu from Farscape as wells as Ruth Thompson as the guest artist. Ruth Thompson is one of my favorite artists and her presence there makes a strong argument for just going up to look at the art. I have a limited edition print from her called 'Eye of the Storm' that has the most beautiful gryphon and it's done in greys.

It's my favorite piece of art I own. I'm definately mulling it over, and will probably make a Sunday trip if the weather is nice and that's the day they do the art auction. I'll have to ask my sister this weekend if any of the paintings she picked up from my grandma's house could be tied to Fantasy/SF and sold there. I know my mom painted a scene from Fantasia, maybe she'd be willing to part with it for a few hundred bucks.