March 29th, 2003


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Somebody's getting Married in the Morning, ding dong the bells are gonna chime.
I'll be rolling dice till the afternoon reception when I can eat lots of cake and hit on the single bridesmaids.
All part of my master plan. muhhahahahahah!
Ding! Pizza time! Pizza for breakfast, pizza for lunch, pizza for suppertime.
Life doesn't suck.

Found out yesterday from surfing LJ friend to their friends that there is a Cthulhu musical.
" A Shoggoth on the Roof : The Musical "

Gotta love these lyrics...
"I don't know how to describe you.
To see you is a mind blowing thing.
Not moles, crows, nor ants are quite like you,
Nor partially decomposed human beings.

It's a pitty I can put this on my Amazon wishlist.
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