April 24th, 2003


Beaumont Roadhouse

So on my recent trip home we went out to eat on like Wednesday night at the the Roadhouse restaurant where I was told they had peanuts that came in little pails that you shelled and threw on the floor, so I'm thinking it's a real casual country place. Roadhouse in my mind means honky-tonk type of bar, like the Patrick Swayze movie or something.
So we go in and I'm somewhat amused that our Roadhouse host is flaming gay. Along with our buckets of peanuts we get a wine list. A wine list at the Roadhouse. Hee. He wipes the booth seats dry with his butt because they are still damp so I'm even more amused. When he tells me the special of the day is swordfish I can't help it anymore and ask something like 'From the Gulf right? Swordfish at the Roadhouse?' Anyway I had a steak that were fine, but not great. So my grade for the Yuppie Roadhouse is a B.

In other news my poor sister passed out in the shower from dehydration and scared my poor Brother-in-law half to death. I feel more sorry for him then Amber.
I know us McClintock's are tough, like Bumbles (Abomibinal snowmen on Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer stop motion animation specials) we just bounce from falls with our massive bones and sturdy frames.