May 11th, 2003


Visual Mediums


So I put some of the Photos we rescued from O'mama's house online after scanning them and some assorted other stuff. It's a nice little album.

I've got some baby pictures, kid pictures, the whole gamut, and some nice shots of the family.

See the Photos Here

The News - Sweeps in Houston

You can tell it's sweeps here in Houston when the radio ads for the 10 o'clook news start talking about sex.
With such news worth items as 'Houston Girls Gone Wild - See if your daughter is on this Spring Break Video!' and 'Out of Control Hookers - A neighbodhood in jeopardy!' how can one resist watching.

Of course it must have been this way for a long time. I mean Houston's own Marvin Zindler, who's known for his 'Slime in The Ice Machine!' segments on restaurant health inspections, is the guy that the WatchDog reporter in 'The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas' is based on and caused all the problems in La Grange.

I don't ever watch the news here in Houston. It's way too depressing and not really what I'm intersted in, so I get most of my news from the internet where I can click on stuff that interests me and not have to sit through stuff that doesn't.

And the Day in Review

Eyemasters replaced my glasses today, which was nice of them. That's why I like them.
No questions asked, I showed them that the lenses kept falling out of the frames and they redid them
while I wandered around the mall and ate a big Cinnamon Roll. I considered going to Old Town Spring for the Cajun fest but the weather was gloomy with possibility of rain so I passed.
I also bought the complete BlackAdder collection on DVD from SunCoast.
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