May 29th, 2003



Amazing Race is on tongight, and it's an extra long episode. yay!
Looks like tonight is the night I reset my VCR since I had cut the power to my entertainment center a few times to hopefully get the TV to degauss and get the pink spot off my TV. It looks like that worked, at the cost of wiping out all my VCR programming, so tonight I reprogram for Amazing Race and Jimmy Kimmel.

It's finally getting nice and toasty here in Houston as the summertime heat starts.
Makes for good swimming weather.

I made a trip to Harwin street last weekend to replace a couple of my polo type shirts that had developed holes. Busy place.

I've to Tickets to....

Thursday, June 5, 8:30, $10
WILLOW BAND at Mucky Duck

Fresh & engaging Celtic music, beautifully played by some of the top musicians on the scene...
Here are three musicians who encompass a great variety of music in the Celtic genre: a competition piper (Highland pipes, border pipes, bombarde, flutes, whistles), a top-notch fiddle player (in the Irish and Cape Breton traditions), and a virtouso guitar player (6 string, 12 string, slide, ukulele, mandola) who has also written some of the best-loved songs in the contemporary Irish scene. Great music, engaging personalities, and an entirely fun show.

Sunday, June 8th 1pm $15
ASTROS vs. Devil Rays at Minute Maid Park

Tuesday, June 10, 8:30pm, $8
EMILY DUGAS at Mucky Duck

Emily Dugas began playing with Clandestine in 1996. Her talents in percussion and vocals are depth and richness to the band. She has been active in theater, music, songwriting and stagework for over ten years. This her debut as a solo artist.

Friday, June 20, 9pm, $10
JIGGERNAUT at Mucky Duck

Oil and Water. Fire and Ice. Celtic and Rock.

Many bands have tried to bind the heart of Celtic music to the soul of rock and roll, but none so successfully as the new band Jiggernaut. A group founded on contradiction, their sound is a rich mixture of old and new, traditional and contemporary. Fueled by white-hot piping, smoking accordion, fiery vocals, and an irresistible groove.

Saturday, June 28, 8 pm (smoke-free), $18

Through two decades and eight albums, the Lizards have maintained a choke-hold on a musical discipline best described as Unplugged Sardonic. Blending red-hot bluegrass and country licks with lyrics that eviscerate, embarrass, embellish and otherwise poke fun at parody-worthy people and places in this vale of tears, the quintet has established themselves as the collective standard of musical satire.