May 31st, 2003


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Man this week dragged for me, probably due to work even though it was a
short week. We were running a process with a new computer system/process
for the first time and found alot of bugs that got missed in our limited testing we
were able to do in the short time we were given.

Recently I've been online alot, reading a Carl Sagan book, The Demon Haunted World, after seeing it again on Mac Hall.
I've had it since last Christmas I think, I just haven't really been in a reading mood for awhile.

I'm also trying to clean and sell some stuff I got
when cleaning out my grandma's house. My apartment is a bit cluttered so I need to make some room and get rid of
stuff. The last CD I bought was an acoustic Fastball CD, which I've subsequently
misplaced so I haven't gotten to listen to it. It's around here somewhere, probably under all the grandma stuff.

I'm Texas born and bred so the heat doesn't bother me until it tops 100. I hate ice and snow and freezing weather.
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    Dawson's Creek - Beth Nielson Chapman - Say Goodnight, not Goodbye