July 23rd, 2003


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Well, today I called my doc to tell him I'm still coughing. Not a deep one but an annoying persistant cough none-the-less. He's suppossed to call me back later for a phone consult. Hopefully he won't have me come in again. I mean I'm doing ok financially but $20 a visit isn't fun when you're visiting a bunch.

I also called Cingular to let them know I haven't been able to call the 409 area code in awhile. All I get is the busy signal. They said they were aware of it and working on repairing the cell towers and getting some up. They suggested I turn my phone off and on three times and then try, calling it cycling power. Is that a strange solution or what?

I haven't noticed any difference in mood from my medicine yet. My sense of touch has seemed to improve a bit, I notice the feel of fabrics and sheets in my bed a bit more. My dreams are a bit more vivid and memorable, but not much. I still have the blah's though. They did say it would take several weeks to notice anything but I was hoping it would help a bit sooner. I want the old snarky cynical fun me back.

I'm playing some SWG too. I watched Amelie and Chocolat last Sunday with Jessica, and they cheered me up a bit along with her company. My old friend Brett is back in town from his marathon circuit, and he's unemployed so he may visit me sometime this week. He won the Montana marathon!

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From a post in the PvP forum about competition in the Tour de France.

From the AP story...
As he was starting to pull away, skirting the crowd about 5.9 miles from the finish, Armstrong's right handlebar caught a spectator's outstretched bag, toppling him. Iban Mayo of Spain hit Armstrong and fell, too. Ullrich, however, swerved to avoid them, and raced ahead. Armstrong's Tour, it seemed for an instant, was over. Ullrich would win.

But then two things happened. Ullrich, perhaps recalling that Armstrong had waited for him when he crashed in the 2001, slowed while the Texan picked himself up, remounted and rejoined the race.

"Ullrich showed incredible fair play," said Stephen Roche, the 1987 Tour winner. "Both of them showed they are true champions."

The witty reply:
Did the Bratwurst stop running when that Pittsburgh Pirate's player hit the Sausage with a bat?