September 23rd, 2003


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Oh joy, Barnes and Noble called to tell me my copy of Gaiman's Endless Nights was in. I went there last week to see and told them to hold a copy for me so I need to go pick it up.

I threw away so carrots last night. I had frozen several packages of the little snacky type carrots and went to put them in a stew on Sunday, but when I looked closely at them they had turned kinda brown even though they had been in the freezer. I also tried to make a bean soup, but I burnt them. I put my package of mixed beans in a large pot of water and boiled them but the beans sucked up all the water and then started burning on the bottom. I changed pots and cooked the ones on top but when I tried them a bit later they still tasted burnt/smoky. I guess the Jefferson's theme song is right... beans do burn in the kitchen. My apartment smelled like burnt beans most of Sunday despite leaving the door open and the kitchen fan running. Not pleasant.

My insurance denied my week of sick leave because my doctor put that I was just depressed on their form. Apparently nausea and vomiting aren't a physical disablity in his eyes. This leaves me out about a grand I imagine. I'm disappointed in him and may switch doctors, but I'm also glad he took my depression seriously when my other docs didn't so I'm kinda undecided. I'll probably go see him late Friday and talk to him.

I was playing Disgaea last night. I looked up 7pm, and I looked up again and it was midnight. That's the sign of a good game. Of course that's two nights in a row I've been up late so I'll probably crash early tonight.

Oh, and here's the cutest demonic penguin from Disgaea.
Prinny Dood!