November 11th, 2003



The moon looked like a yin-yang symbol this morning driving to work. Odd. I've never see it before. The moon was full and bright enough to see even though the sun had risen.

What I got from surfing this morning...

They are making a new live action 'The Last Unicorn' movie. Most of the voice actor characters are reprising their roles from the animated movie. I'm somewhat divided on my thoughts about this. For one thing the animated movie was almost perfect so I don't think it should be remade, on the other hand I want a new generation to experience this tale and if the movie is good remaking it will be a good thing. However part of me wonders about this trend. What will be next, Live action Water Babies or Secret of NIMH? There are so many old good stories that haven't even had a animated version made of them.

Man, I used to have a song from Water Babies stuck in my head, and now I can't remember it all. Update : High Cochalorum! That's it.

Today's Foxtrot spawned a deep philosophical discussion in the comments on LJ. Too funny.

Jurrasic Bark is a must see episode of Futureama, but it's depressing.
It may be coming on tonight on Cartoon Network.
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Water Babies

Water Babies the Movie

Water Babies The Book

I came across a picture of a Water Baby today, which reminded me of an animated movie I saw in my youth that I enjoyed. One particular segment still remains in my brain, and that is the song 'High Cockalorum' that they sang as they headed off to adventure. I'm probably remembering this movie more favorably through the fog of time, but it was very good when I was young and helped the imagination. It mixed live action and animation together.

Has anyone seen this recently as an adult and what did you think of it? Does it stand the test of time?

Has anyone seen the old animated feature Flight of Dragons?

I also thought of it today when the thread regarding the remake of the Last Unicorn surfaced. Here is a classic movie that NEEDS to be redone.
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