January 31st, 2004


Adventures in browsing

So last night I was browsing around looking at cosplay pics since I'm going to Owlcon and wanted some inspiration about dressing up a bit. Probably won't do it but nevertheless.
Anyway several options lead to porn at some points. It's like that on the information highway, all roads lead to porn. At which point the Pop Up ad game starts like those Whack a Mole games. Try to close all the windows and they spawn new ones! Can you win!?! Anyway last night I was a BIG loser.
Some pop up add totally hosed my IE. Couldn't get it working last night. Scan disk, Ad aware run. Nada.
Purge cookies, no luck. Keeps crashing telling me KERNEL32.dll error. Crap.
This morning I took another shot at it. Reinstall IE. No luck there. Hmmm. bad. I'm beginning to think I might have to reinstall Windows at this point. Then I decided to fire up Kazaa and see if any of those other browsers I've heard about will work. Mozilla, Firebird, Opera, Netscape. So I download some programs and I'm now browsing the web on Netscape. Yay!

Shaun's Bachelor Chow

Shaun is hungry. Shaun checks the fridge.
Inventory most in need of cooking before spoilage: 1 container mushrooms, little snack carrots.

Shaun puts 3 tablespoons olive oil in pan to heat while washing and slicing mushrooms.
Sliced mushrooms go in the pan along with handfull or two of sliced snack carrots.
Sizzle. Cook.
2 tablespoons Tony's seasoning and 1 tablespoon salt and Tex-Joy Steak Seasoning are added.
Sizzle, cook, mushrooms have cooked down so there is now water in the pan which I am letting cook away
so the mushrooms will get nice and fried.
Shaun looks in fridge some more. Adds one Papa John's garlic butter containter to pan.
Shaun looks for something meaty to add. Takes one Zumo sausage out of freezer and throws in pan to defrost.
Sizzle, cook, a handful of frozen cheddar cheese cubes are added to the pan.
The sausage had defrosted enough to be cut into little bits to make sure it all thaws and cooks.
Sizzle, cook some more, most of the liquid has cooked off and the sausage has all cooked.
Looks a bit too greasy, probably from the sausage grease. I can drain the grease or add more stuff
to soak it up. I decide to add a can of asparagus bits as there's not enough grease to drain effectively.
In goes the drained asparagus. Add another tablespoon of salt, 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, and a tablespoon of capers. Let cook for a few more minutes stirring a bit. Asparagus gets kinda mushy, but that's OK.
Serve warm. Mighty Mighty Tasty!