February 16th, 2004


My funny Valentine

Spent Friday cleaning up a bit.
Saturday I cleaned up a bit more in the morning, and then spent the balance of the day watching movies with Eve. We saw Once Upon A Time In Mexico with Antonio and Selma, and prior to that we watched Some Kind Of Wonderful, which Eve had recommended but I thought was just OK. Mainly because while the popular love interest was indeed a very pretty Lea Thompson, her character had no redeming personality features for someone to fall for. Mary Stuart Masterson played a very good role though. I also managed to cut myself on my head shaving. I wanted a close shave so I used a new razor blade and applied a bit to much pressure so I have two thin cuts on my head where I first pushed down. Stung a bit, so I've been putting aloe on it so hopefully it won't scar at all. All in all, it was a very nice day and Eve made good company.

Sunday I went and played some D&D with Eric after running some morning errands. I'm almost finished with my PvP Art Exchange painting, but I needed some adhesive backing spray and sealer. I have two pieces, I have a dragon's eye and a cemetary piece that I am adding a cutout of Gaiman's Death to so that it looks interesting and has some 'geek' charm to it. I think that's the piece I wll send.

At the game run by Eric I played Templeton the prankster. I had a good time with friends but I was tired afterward as Eric has a cat (Ranger) and even when I load up on antihistimnes being around a cat always zonks me out, so I came home and slept.
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My life seems to keep coming back to Chicago. It's odd, I had an interview for a college scholarship up there a few years ago, but I missed my plane. Now BP is thinking about sending me up there Friday for an interview.
I'll make sure to double check the ticket this time. It's no doubt 20 below zero or some other ungodly temperature in Chicago right now. Frelling heck I hate the cold.

Chicago! Probably a good sign.

Some Assembly Required

My sister told me a funny story on the phone.

I had gotten her some blueberry muffin mix and some little clay baking muffin pots as a gift, so her and Neal were in the mood for blueberry muffins today. So naturally she goes to make some and starts to read the ingredients needed.
One of the ingredients needed is ... BLUEBERRIES? There are actually no blueberries or blueberry flavoring in the Blueberry Muffin Mix. So it's really just Muffin mix. We all thought that was pretty funny.

Finished up my pic for the PvP exchange. I'm not sure if I'm sending the Death one or the Dragon eye one. Third-child didn't know who Gaiman's Death was, so I'm thinking the Dragon Eye will be a better choice.

I ate at the Olive Garden with Rilee today, and we went to Panera bread in the mall to take a quick look. They finished the skating rink in Memorial City mall and there were ice dancers practicing a routine. They were older around 45ish but still good and doing simple lifts and holds. We played a bit of Champions of Norrath too but I didn't care too terribly much for it. Very Diablo-esque but alot of inventory management which is a pain in a two player co-op game because it slows everything down.

Next week is a puppet episode of Angel. I am so watching that. I hope they replay the Cordy episode sometime as I missed it and heard it was good.

I'm leaving for Chicago on Thursday night, and coming back Friday night. Anybody know anything I should do with half a day in Chicago? I'm thinking I want to see the Sears Tower. Maybe they have a tour bus or something. I'll have to check about Groundlings tickets or something.