February 21st, 2004


New Mood theme!

Thanks Alanna!
I now have the Angel Muppet mood theme! Yay me! My first mood theme, and indeed it rocks.
So I'll now have a reason to include a mood for all my posts.

As mentioned in my phone post, I've now finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I wanted to finish before I accidently found out who died in it, as that was a common rumor impossible to avoid that somebody bit it in the book.
One of the reasons it took me so long as my boss reminds me alot of Umbridge. I'm not the only one who thinks this. She went to ski on vacation for a week and one of my co-workers said ' I hope she pulls a Sunny Bono. ' which is a mean thought but boy can I understand it. (Politican and ex-Sonny and Cher member died while skiing and running into a tree.)
The woman is evil incarnate.

I also got to watch the Angel muppet episode and I must say I liked it quite a bit. It was indeed cute. And yay to the end as my ship is finally going to come in. Wes's fight in the episode was the funniest thing.

Update: Spoilers for Harry Potter tOotP in comments.
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