March 22nd, 2004


Wes on Angel

Couple of humorous quotes from the TWOP boards regarding recent events.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't stab Gunn.

On a half-serious note, do you think they'll ever do a "very special" episode where Lorne's confronted about his "drinking problem"? Or will an Wesley intervention over his "stabbing and shooting problem" happen first? Either way, it'll be funny in a grotesque sort of way.

Kudos to the two mentions of Henry Higgins! Think of the possibilities!
"Just you wait, Wesley Wyndam, just you wait. You'll try magic, but your spells'll be too late..."

I doubt Willow would have bothered telling Giles about it if she were going to the astral to kick back a few beers with Phantom Dennis.

From Wes's Guide to Life: Rule 12 - it's OK to take advice from talking hamburgers.
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