July 11th, 2004



From Neil Gaiman's blog:

I loved Penn Jillette's novel SOCK, which is a murder mystery narrated by a police diver's atheist sock monkey, and written in a flowing stream of consciousness style in which every paragraph ends in a song reference about the friendship. It's readable, quite different from anything you've ever read with a messy but satisfying ending, and a point of view. I would have given it a blurb, too, but I read it the week after the blurbs were needed, so there you go.

Just when you thought there couldn't be anything that wasn't already cliche.
I'd bet good money this was the first book about a sock monkey detective buddy.
I'm so recommending this to the Austin book club that's starting up.

This also makes Penn Jillette one of the 10 coolest cats alive. Plus he's like super freaky. He showed off his house on one of those shows and it's like if Michael Jackson liked magic and hot women instead of kids. He's got enough magic paraphernalia to open a museum, plus like a padded mirrored room with sex swings and bondage gear.