August 18th, 2004


UT MBA Orientation

Man, I've been out from 8am to midnight most of this week. Needless to say I've been busy and not online much, and that trend will probably continue through school, so I'll probably be posting much less often. Not that I was a prolific poster to begin with. I've just tried to keep everything in perspective and keep real life connections valued higher than online ones. I'm meeting alot of smart people, so I hope I'm making a friend or two. Time will indeed tell.

I doubt any friends will turn into girlfriends, as it's about 85% guys in the MBA program here and most of the women are married. Seems I'll have to hit the warehouse district more or something for dating potential. Yes indeed, it sucks to be me and single. On the plus side, I can drool all I want over all the college hotties in their micro mini skirts and tank tops.

Turkish wiz of oz

Anybody in the Austin area up to see a low budget remake of the wiz of oz with live bad and hopefully funny dubbing at the Alamo downtown this weekend?