November 17th, 2004

Corona Shaun


I now am in possession of passes to see Carson K from Queer Eye on Dec. 2nd. Of course, the passes are free meaning that I'll probably have to camp out a few hours to have a chance of getting in.

I was joking to one of my female classmates that I didn't want to do the practicum she asked me about, but I was free for dates, and she said she's like to go out sometime, so go me. She reminds me a bit of Go-Go from Kill Bill though, so maybe I should be scared.

My default icon disappeared somehow.

The rain yesterday in Austin was pretty bad, and it was still raining this morning, forcing me to take an alternate route to school as my primary route flooded out. It was quite pretty with all the waterfalls coming down the limestone walls of the hills.
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More Lost

Ok, the casting agent for this show is definately one of us. Where have I heard sultry yet authoritian that voice? This is like a geek wet dream with Hobbits and Minbari living together. It's Babylon's 5 Delenn aka Mira Furlan.