December 12th, 2004


Turkey Fry Day

So yesterday was the annual turkey fry at Casa de Rigney. Much turkey was had, and we even managed to set the grass outside on fire a bit with our huge tub o boiling peanut oil, so manly fun was had as well. One of Amber's friends brought sushi having been unable to find a vegetable tray, making it an Austin turkey fry. So we ate and laughed and visited with friends a bit. Very beautiful day as the weather was gorgeous. Spent most of the rest of the day studying for my two remaining finals, but I did manage to take a break and play Eve a bit online. She crushed me at Yahoo dominoes, and I crushed her at Literati, but she refused to finish having been beaten so badly. She did call me and make it up though.
Oh, and werepig is so a word.
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