February 5th, 2005


Good speech

I saw an exerpt of this on metaquotes a bit back, but my google-fu was unable to locate another source for the speech. So...

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Well, the Kansas house approved the a constitutional amendment that prohibits both gay marriage and civil unions. So, for better or worse the citizens of Kansas get to vote on this issue in April.

Here's a transcript of a powerful speech against the effort from our Rep. Paul Davis:

"Mr. Speaker:

My core beliefs and my conscience call me to this podium today. Every
day, this body makes important decisions that affect the lives of many
Kansans. We make decisions about whether an elderly person will
receive home health care, we make decisions about how much in taxes a
businessperson is going to pay, and we make decisions about whether a
highway worker is going to have a job next year. But very rarely are
we called to make decisions about the fundamental rights of our fellow
human beings.
Collapse )

In 1924, the Virginia Legislature enacted a law saying that only
persons of the same race can enter into marriage. 43 years later, the
Supreme Court of the United States said this act violated the Equal
Protection Clause of the 14th amendment to the Constitution. I think
it is safe to say that we all look upon this act of the Virginia
Legislature in 1924 as being morally wrong. This is a judgment that
history has made as we have evolved as a society. I have no doubt that
we would all feel some degree of shame if it was our father or
grandfather who served in the 1924 Virginia Legislature and voted for
this Act.

As you cast your vote today, make sure it is one that your conscience
can live with. And make sure it is one that your children and
grandchildren can live with, because history will be judging this vote
more than any other you will cast."
Dancing Domokun

Racking and Macking

Friday I took a trip down to San Antonio to tour Rackspace facilities and get my foot in the door for a summer internship down there. The office is nice, but the culture is really cool. Very casual, folks in baseball caps that take breaks to play ping-pong. Of course, the flip side of that is you probably have to be on call quite a bit, so it does balance out a bit. Nice place in my mind, and the server room was very cool at the offsite facility. The hum of power from the UPS and generators was so loud you could barely hear the guy talk.

Today I'm going to the Mardi Gras festial at the Palmer center in a few hours to do the macking and oogling and bead wearing thing.
Dance the night away, worries for another day. Let ole Shauny play! Down at Palmer rock!
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