February 18th, 2005



Harbors (lyrics by Anne Passovoy)

It's seldom in Chicago that you see the stars by night.
The skies are red and angry with sodium vapor light.
But I have seen the heavens from a high and lonely place
And I know that's the closest I'll ever come to space.

But I have seen the harbors,
and the tall ships point the way.
My children, or their children
Will go out there some day.

If I live a long time, if mankind turns once more
To dare a present danger, to reach some future shore,
Then I may yet see pictures of distant foreign skies
And know them for reflections in my children's questing eyes.

Yes I have have seen the harbors,
And the ships so proud and bold,
Yet the children born this morning
May already be too old.

In this mundane life there's no one happier than I.
I'm contented to live planetbound, for time has passed me by.
Yet my children and their children are well worth dreaming for:
The glories of tomorrow lie golden at their door.

For I have seen the harbors,
And the ships' departing gleam.
And the witnesses of wonders
Are forgiven when they dream.
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