April 6th, 2005


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Good god my sinuses are revolting today. It's like WWIII up in there. Luckily I have the giant space rock to destroy the world! Mega dose of Claritin, Tylenol Sinus, and a few squirts of nose spray have kept it down to enough that I haven't had the urge to saw my entire nose off.

Lost was stangely not great tonight. What was the deal with all the Jack's wife backstory? Finale coming up, should be interesting I hope.

The internship search isn't going well. I was hoping I'd have something by now. Looks like I may spend this summer playing World of Warcraft instead of contributing productively to society.

Queer Eye yesterday was good. I agree that the dude has the best wife ever. River is a cutie too, although I keep thinking he/she'll grow up to be a crazy space stow-away and stabby stabby to Blue Sun folk. I don't get along great with my dad... but dude, how do you not call for 20 years? Mind boggling. When his dad said he worked for the government, made me wonder if he was a spy.

Finally got my marketing mid-term project back today and we got a 90. Good deal. Now Strategy is the only thing I'm not doing well in. Hopefully I can turn that around.

I gave up on the girl I was dating, she hasn't called me for awhile, and I'm not the only one to be calling. It takes two to make a relationship and I'm not chasing girls that don't want to be caught.
Fuck that.

I had a talk with Mom today, and she'd doing ok. Makes me feel a bit better.