April 29th, 2005


Friday update

I'm feeling a bit better today on the cold front.
I ran outta gas today on my way home. first time ever. So I got my plastic gas can and walked about 2 blocks to the gas station and got some gas, came back and was on my way. Stupid gauge said I still had gas, so I guess I'll have to fill up earlier now just in case.

I ate Olive Garden soup and salad for lunch. Very tasty. This morning I filmed a few commericals for one of my marketing classes.
We did a Pulp Fiction theme/parody. School's moving right along.

I wish Serenity wasn't sold out here in Austin so I could go see the sneak preview. sucks to be late to the game and not get in.
I did see Kung-Fu shuffle the other day, and it was a good movie. I particularly like the flashback sequences as they were moving.

This weekend I need to work on another Global marketing case I present next week. Hopefully it won't be too bad.