May 4th, 2005

Wes the dark hero


So I have a presentation tomorrow on BRAC, the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee. They are a pretty cool group, being helpful and big in Bangladesh. I hope my presentation is alright, I did as much analysis as I could with the data.

You know, I hadn't considered getting back into the computer MMORPG stuff since I've been busy, but Guild Wars sounds kinda neat with the no monthly fee thing. I didn't realize that was the dealio until I read a bit about it. Since I wouldn't have time to play much, maybe that's a more fitting game to look at the WoW as I wouldnt' feel I'm wasting a monthly fee not playing it.

Is there an episode of Star Trek, TNG where the crew gets brainwashed and Picard ends up as the ship's barber? Cause I had a dream about that last night.