June 1st, 2005


LJDQ - Moi

1. What novel features the alliterately named Russian, Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov?

2. What television series led to numerous spinoffs, including SVU and CI?

3. Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, J'onn J'onzz, and many others have often united to fight evil as which organization?

4. Stewart Armstrong Copeland, Gordon Matthew Sumner, and Andrew James Somers are better known as whom?

5. The sixth king of the Amorite Dynasty of Old Babylon set down the laws of the land on this column of black stone.

6. Tell the story associated with these pictures. You'll have to go to ljdq to see em.

My Answers:

1. Molotov and Me : How One Man's Cocktail set the World on Fire

2. Law and Order, best know for the two note thingy they use. How to write it, I am unsure of. Bonk, Slightly deeper Bonk hardly does it justice.

3. Before the new cartoons, I would have said the Superfriends, but now they are calling it the Justice League. I guess being Super and Friendly just aren't enough anymore.

4. They are all one guy? Hmmm. I'll go with THE MAN. Anywhere minorities are disenfranchised, anywhere that law and order gets the better of us, there you'll find THE MAN. THE MAN is always keeping us down.

5. The Code of Hammurrabbi. Hanging being ruled too cruel, the punishment for breaking it was to get hit with the big phallic stone as they dropped it on you from the 4th floor of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. However, they didn't change the name to the Smushing gardens of babylon cause they had to chisel signs out of rocks back then and changing names was a real pain in the ass.

6. 1) Why won't the door open? I'll just have a peek inside.
2) A note! It says: Dear John, I've left you cause you called me fat. P.S. I filled the house with Donuts. Take that!
3) Whomever can I call on for help? I know the police!
4) Why are you all standing around? Go eat the donuts, you don't have to wait for everyone to get here.
5) Fine, we'll wait for the police academy bus to arrive, you're right, that much sugar would kill less than 5 men.

Sad Day

Last night there was a humongous thunderstorm around 4am that knocked out all the power her for a good half hour or so. Turns out the lightning also caught The Oasis on fire and it burned to the ground. Poor Oasis. It was a very cool place you could watch the sunset over the lake at, and it was well known. When people asked where I lived I would tell them 'By the Oasis' because most folks knew were it was.

On a not quite related note I went to get buffallo wings at Buffallo Wild Wings on 6th street and it is closed to become something else. No wingy goodness for me.

I got my eyes checked out and have a new perscription and clean ocular bill of health, although I'll probably hold off getting new glassed until I can take somebody for a second opinion on frames.

On the plus side...
Now, to kick off the summer properly, we're starting with a 24 hour permanent account sale. A permanent account is the ultimate prize for a LiveJournal addict, comes with 50 user pictures and all of the current paid features, and has the added convenience in never having to pay for your account again. Considering that we've added a lot of features since our last permanent account sale two years ago, we've bumped the price up to a fair $150 USD. The sale starts Tuesday, June 7th (midnight EST) and will last until Wednesday, June 8th (midnight EST). Graduation gift anyone?

Looks like I need to get me one of these.
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A rare quiz. It was interesting with pretty pics.

You Are The Outlaw
"Sure, I'll do it. My way."

Just because you do not conform to the same laws and rules as everyone else does not mean that you are a bad guy. You travel your own path, separate from those around you, with your own reasons for doing what you do. Because of this and your own nature, it goes without saying that you are generally misunderstood. That does not matter much, though, as people love you for being who you are. You are pretty well set in your ways and have no real intention of changing. This can come across as a flicker of arrogance if your not careful. You do what is right for you, and God help anyone who stands in your way.

Which Classic Story Role Do You Play?
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Wes the dark hero

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http://bostonuk.com/names/ - Shaun

God is gracious : Hebrew

Sensitive and emotional you are highly intuitive and have a wonderful imagination. The instinctive impressions which you receive about people and situations are usually accurate and mean that you can rarely be misled. You have healing and counselling abilities which can help to alleviate the suffering of others. Your loyalty, integrity and belief in life means that you are much admired and assured of many friends.

Bwahahahahahah. That must be my evil twin, cause it so ain't me.