July 10th, 2005

Dancing Domokun

Thoughts on Bacon

Yesterday for lunch I had about a pound of bacon in BLT's, and some green beans. Yummy! As I have a 2 pound package, the rest is for breakfast today. I love Bacon! A pig is one of the big guy's greatest inventions. Turning garbage into bacon and ham is cool. God's way of saying 'Hey, I think recycling is cool.' I don't think I could ever be Jewish if I had to give up bacon.

It's a good thing people don't taste like bacon, cause then they'd be no more Canadians. They would have all gone on pizza's by now. Only the Great Britians would be safe, cause everyone knows English, Irish, and Scottish food is no good.
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Friends Cut

I have made a small friends cut to make keeping up a bit easier and weed out some folks that haven't updated or commented in forever.
Let me know if you've been cut and really want to stick around and here more deep thoughts on bacon and such.