September 5th, 2005


Yes, I have homework.

Bah. Anything to procrastinate. Like surfing LJ's and adding a few new folks.

I've met enough LJ friends in real life to look forward to meeting more, and yesterday I hung out with Auylia and her housemates. We played some Munchkin and Apples to Apples and I had a good time, even though we didn't start till 9pm ish and played till around 1am.
Very impromtu. As I'm a fairly quiet sort we didn't get to chat too much, so we'll have to do dinner or something later where we can actually talk more.

I've also been pruning my LJ friends list a bit of people that I don't connect with as much. Mostly over political reasons. I don't mind the occassional post, but if more than 20% is political bashing than that's too much for moi. I mean, it's good to have a stance on things and all, but blaming everything on the politician you don't like is a bit much. I mean Bush and Kerry aren't superheroes who can save the world from disasters. FEMA sucks, everyone expected them to do better and alot of folks dropped the ball. That's why I have a gun, things fail sometimes and when disaster hits too many folks think its every man for themselves. That doesn't mean I won't volunteer later this week or haven't been impressed by the stories of volunteers or survivors. Some of ya'll have impressed the hell out of me.

Anyway, back to homework and laundry.