October 13th, 2005


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I am an advice giving machine.

We watched Extreme Dodgeball the other night. Not on the "ocho" but on GSN. Let's just say I have to give props to Bill Dwyer for being an unusual sport commentating god.
I mean Battlebots and Extreme Volleyball? Get out! I can only recommend watching it for it's comedy potential, great SNARK potential but not a real sport thing.

I saw a Guttenberg bible today. Now I know where the nearest one to rescue is should a cataclyismic end of the world event happen.

I'm planning on participating in the Alamo Apprentice, where two groups of business students get together and compete to throw an event at the Alamo Drafthouse and which ever team makes the most money wins. Sounds fun anyway, and I love the Alamo. It will probably be a shitload of work, but screw it, I'm here to do shit I won't get the chance to do again.

New AuPair is here and she seems to be ok.
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