October 14th, 2005

Geopanel go boom

Busy Busy Busy

I'm going to the 7pm showing of Lost Boys - Mr Sinus Theatre at Alamo downtown. If you want to join me get tix online and send me an e-mail or call me.

Productivity today:
Dropped resumes at Amazon, Google, Emerson, and Harrah's for jobs.
Scheduled for Thomson interview next week.
Searched through jobs on Career Center and dropped for interesting ones.
Called Discover card to see if they'd lower my APR. They said nope.
Looked at AmEX Blue transfer policy. No rate deals found.
Applied to State Farm Visa account with 0%APR balance transfer til 10/06. Transferred Discover balance to it if approved.
(I must have great credit because I average 2 pre-approved credit card mailings per week.)

Errands/Things to Do:

Use $5 gift certificate to Dairy Queen for ice cream. :-)
Printed out coupon for 20 bucks off purchase at Casual Male Big and Tall. Need new dockers slacks for business casual wear. $
Need a new suit at J.S. Banks for interviews. $$$
Found out where the car license place is since I have to go and get a new one since they won't let me renew my 7yr old one. $
Need to mow backyard (probably be put off till tomorrow)
Need to see Serenity
Need comfortable New Black Dress shoes. $
Want to See American Fiesta starring Prof. Thomlinson
Need to do Write up for Marketing Project
Need to do write up for Freescale project
Need to deposit money from IRA disbursement when it comes.
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