November 12th, 2005


What do I want to do?

I started out wanting an IT concentration for my MBA, but turns out the university is kinda phasing out that program, so I ended up in Marketing (Customer Insights) and Management (International Business). As to what I want to do, I'm still fairly open. I like to be a generalist and do a bit of everything so working at a small company or doing global small business consulting would be cool. However, there aren't tons of those opportunities, and I like money too much to join the Peace Corps, so I may end up doing something like brand management for awhile to build up a bankroll and then try my hand at starting my own business. Hopefully for a cool company like HEB where I can manage their Hill Country Fair line and get to decide what goes on those meal deal coupons. I'd love to run a small theatre like the Alamo drafthouse.
Beaker Freaks Out

Productivity we meet again

So I actually got some stuff done today. Finished my survey.
Please take it.

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Hung at Mozart's and finished my bit of a paper, and started another one, and met with the Alamo group although nobody else showed up.
Saw Tenacious D at the Alamo for free due to the project, so not too bad.
Now I am AWAKE from having drunk apparently a very strong latte at Mozart's around 6ish.