January 19th, 2006


School's On

So far I'm happy with all my classes and professors, which is a very good thing. Especially Supply Chain Mgmt, which I dropped last semester because the prof was so boring. This time the prof is much better.

I pulled my back sometime in the last day or so, so I spent most of today laid up on pain killers. I have to remember to lift the muchkin up with my arms and legs and not my back as he's now approaching 30lb bag of pototo status.

I qualified for the Poker Finals at Mother Egan's last monday, so next monday I get to play for a trip to Vegas. I came in 2nd, so I did well, and won a $15 gift certificate.
I also got a mention in Wil Wheaton's poker blog as I sat at his table for a while in Tuesday nights Pokerstars private tourney.

I bought a new interview suit for around $700 bucks, so I have to go get it fitted tomorrow. It's a lot of money, but a good interview suit is an investment that will hopefull pay off with a great job.

Eric's coming up for a RPG.NET texas meet Feb. 4th, so I'll get to see my buddy then. Yay!.

South Africa trip is coming up in March, so I have to figure out what to do with my 5 days or so of free time in South Africa as I'm not much of a Safari Joe.