March 20th, 2006


Back Home from Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope Cape of Good Hope

Moi at the Cape of Good Hope

I've now safe and sound back in Austin. I've uploaded lots more pictures, for a total of like 320ish pics from the trip. I'll be posting some of the better ones over the next few days.

This one was at the Cape of Good Hope, where there is a nice preserve set up and animals abound. We hiked up a trail to the spot the picture was taken, and then got to ride the bus back. I also took a few pics from the top of the Cape Point. This was a pretty grueling hike, and I pulled the arch of my foot on the loose rocky terrain getting there, leading me to limp around for the rest of the day.
After this we saw Penguins at Boulder's Beach, and on the way we saw Babboons around the highway.
Cape Point was very beautiful, and we were lucky enough to have a nice day there.

Most of the newer ones are from the Cape Town area where I spent the most time. The flower pics are from Kristenboch Botanical Gardens in Capetown. The higher mountain pics are from Table Mountain in Capetown. The beach and harbor pics are a mix of V&A Waterfront, and Haut Beach, where I stayed the last few days.