March 28th, 2006

Castle of Stained Glass

New Hitherby feed

For those that don't know.. R. Borgstrom, the author of Nobilis, writes stories in her blog called Hitherby Dragons, that's recently been changed to Imago Hitherby Dragons. For those subscribed to the old feed, I've created a new feed that should now work. imago_hitherby

For those that haven't been reading, I can't suggest that you check out some of the stories enough. There are some truly great ones.
Rainbow Brite goes Noir detective, Hopping Vampires abound, and in all the stories there's some profound insights on the human condition.

In her own words..
"Hitherby Dragons is a story about the emptiness.If you look out at the world, there’s a lot that you know. There’s a lot that you understand. But at the edge of your map there’s emptiness. There’s questions that are hard to answer. There’s things that are hard to explain. There’s choices that don’t make sense and there’s a sea of chaos and there’s emptiness.
Jane is a girl with some questions she needs to answer. So she’s gone to the edge of the world, where Santa Ynez touches on the chaos, and walked across the bridge to the abandoned tower of the gibbelins, and set up with some friends and associates a stage, and every night, more or less, they put on a show, and try to answer some of their questions.

About 250 entries a year are just that—shows. Legends, Jane calls them, because they’re things that the Gibbelins’ Tower crew uses to help make sense of the world. I’m not sure how they break down exactly. Some of the legends are serious. Most are humorous, and most of the humor is either burlesque or incongruity. Some of the legends are directly about the things in Jane’s world. Most are essentially random. Some are sad, but mostly Jane likes to give people something to smile or laugh at in the morning."