April 30th, 2006


Pretty Day

It's a beautiful day, and I'm outside on the front porch enjoying it while I type up one of my three and a half final papers. I'm almost done with the first one (yay!) One more is due by Friday and the other on Sunday.

Lance seems to have hit a growing spurt in his vocabulary, and seems to be learning new words every day. He finally got around to calling me 'Uncle' although it sounds more like 'Unka' but it's very cute. It's nice to have a little kid saying your name with a genuine delight that you're there.

I went to Aery's house yesterday to do some things at the Forumopolis meetup, but it seemed everyone had gone somewhere else at 8:30pm. I left a PM to send me her number so I could find them if they went out, but I never got a reply. I also offered to grab Punkn and bring her over there if the party was hopping, but as nobody was home I went home, worked on my paper some more, and went to bed. (Sorry Punkn).
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